Dolezal Publishing was founded in 1987. Its core business is a virtual packaging company that coordinates groups of staff, freelancers, and other professional talent to produce a continuing stream of innovative and highly-visual non-fiction books and published products of exceptional beauty. It uses more than a score of regular and occasional contributors, and it provides its services to a diverse clientele of small and large companies. Because of its strengths in conceptual visualization and editorial development, it has produced books that include main selections of the Book of the Month Club, and its projects have been recognized for their editorial, artistic, and production excellence. The same virtual staffing approach is used successfully in the company's other businesses.

Dolezal Publishing's unique product development structure produces books that are customized to each client, mimicking trade dress and other features so as to be indistinguishably a cohesive part of their own line. The company specializes in gardening, home improvement, nature, architecture, design, and other visual how-to topics.

The company is active in four business areas: book packaging (conceiving and developing books for other publishers to release under their own imprints), publishing (producing and selling books, magazines, and newsletters under its own imprints), management consulting for the business of publishing, and providing merger and acquisition support and counsel to companies purchasing, divesting, or selling media businesses. Dolezal Publishing produces the Winery Wine Club Directory, an advertising-supported annual directory of winery-run wine clubs. It also publishes a quarterly professional newsletter for wine club managers, Wine Club Manager. Dolezal Publishing has brokered the purchase of Stewart, Tabori, and Chang and Smithmark Publishers by U.S. Media Group and the sale of AMG Media to Miller-Freeman.

The company's recent packaging clients include: Collins Design, Reader's Digest Association, Running Press, The Taunton Press, and Creative Publishing International. More than a half-million copies of Dolezal Publishing's books have been sold, and most remain
in print today.

Dolezal Publishing was founded by Robert J. Dolezal, a publishing industry professional with extensive prior experience in the motion picture, television, newspaper, wire service, magazine, and book industries. 
Other key managers at the company include:
Barbara K. Dolezal, Managing Director
John M. Rickard, Art Director

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